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We are looking forward to welcome you as a tour operator and support you in all your goals. Your satisfaction is our greatest concern. Enter the online travel world with a single registration!

Increase your revenues and strengthen your business today by using our solution that combines global airfares, hotels, transfers, tours, cruises, and packages into a single, state-of-the-art travel platform.

Our platform hosts more than 15000 partners and travel companies from all over the world.


We build products and technology solutions that connect the dots and remove barriers to power more travel for everyone, everywhere. Together with our partners, we have the opportunity to reimagine a more frictionless, inclusive, and resilient travel industry.

We have big goals and we know you do too. Join hojozat Travel Station Group and be part of our journey to power global travel for everyone, everywhere.

ST-GATE has integrated different suppliers on the market of all kinds of travel services:

  • Flight: Multi GDS (Galileo, Sabre, Amadeus, Sirena, Worldspan); 105+ BSPs; 1100+ airlines (regular, LLCs, charters)
  • Hotel: 295 000 cities worldwide; Channel Manager; Hotel Mapping
  • Cruise: 17 biggest cruise lines
  • Car Rental: Avis, Hertz, Europcar, Budget, SIXT, operating all over the world
  • Transfer: Any transfers from group to individual, from A2B transfers, GTA and Hotelbeds
  • Train: 10+ railway providers
  • Packages: Flight+Hotel / Flight+Hotel+Car / Flight+Car / Hotel+Car
  • City breaks: Charter+Resort+Insurance

We guarantee the best prices on the travel services! Our suppliers across the world compete with each other to give you the best deals! We are constantly searching for any possibility to improve even more our fares via:

  • Access to multiple GDS to have a maximum number of destinations and airlines
  • Access to worldwide low-cost carriers
  • Access to worldwide global fares from 105 different countries
  • Access to worldwide special fares from different consolidators
  • Access to more than 35 hotel suppliers to compare all the best prices at once

We are very proud to highlight our Flight content. We are the first company that managed to develop access to global fares and to issue automatically the bookings no matter what country it is coming from. Therefore, we have the most competitive flight fares on the market offered by 105 different countries.

  • Multi GDS: Galileo, Sabre, Amadeus, Sirena, Worldspan
  • 105+ BSPs
  • 900+ regular airlines
  • 200+ low-cost carriers
  • Charters
  • 10+ direct contracts with airlines
  • 25+ NDC
  • 20+ Consolidators

We guarantee that our online booking engine will increase your profit and will serve on a long-run basis. Why are we sure? Here are some of the reasons:

  • The best rates on the market that lets you put higher markup than with any other provider on the market
  • Advanced conditions for the mark upsetting to ensure the sales of the bookings without constant human input
  • Constant integration of new suppliers & better deals while you receive all of them automatically and free of charge
  • All kinds of analytical tools in your Back Office to monitor the success of your business
  • Personal Key Account Manager who makes analysis and provides proper suggestions to improve your performance

New suppliers, better deals with existing suppliers, new functions of the Back Office, more filters for search, improvements of the design – all of these are a constant part of our business. We never stay still and we improve our online booking engine and the entire platform based on our own experience and the recommendations of our partners. All of them receive our upgrades automatically and free of charge. We believe that as we improve, all our partners shall improve with us.

Key Account Manager

Each of our partners has a personal Key Account Manager who is ready to help with any questions that relate to the platform, Back Office, sales and analysis, and technical requests.

24/7 Live Chat

There is a Booking List in the Back Office which displays the list of all the bookings done on your platform with all necessary specifications: date/time/type/owner/buyer group/price/profit/status/pay mode and etc. If you have any questions or requests towards the booking that you are not able to solve yourself, you just click on ‘live chat’ and write a quick message. Our team will immediately understand what booking you refer to and will provide you the solution straight away.

Online business is rapidly growing, and it is important to provide not only cheap rates but automatic processes to not waste clients’ time. Therefore, our booking engine is 100% automatic:

  • Entire booking process
  • Issue of tickets
  • Dispatch of vouchers
  • Voiding
  • Cancellation
  • Filling out the invoices
  • Issue of invoices

Our travel technology solutions are suitable for all companies of the travel industry: TMC, tour operators, large and small travel agencies, online travel agencies, or business travel companies. We can meet any business requirements. All parties in the tourism industry are welcome to take advantage of hojozat Travel Station solutions.

Get free access to the online booking engine to make bookings – Free B2B registration

  • Use our website to make bookings
  • Upload logo and contact data for your vouchers and invoices
  • Create your customer database
  • Set up mark up in your Back Office
  • Operate independently with your currency settings and payment gateways
  • Control your business via financial reports and business analytics.

Become an online travel agency within 1 week only using our technology under your brand

  • B2C Portal
  • White Label B2B & B2C
  • TS-Consolidator – TS Enterprise Travel Solution

Take our technology under your brand and add your own suppliers

  • ITP – Independent Travel Platform

Expand the inventory of your booking engine through our REST API

  • Flight
  • Hotel
  • Cruise
  • Car Rental
  • Transfer
  • Train
  • Car
  • Sightings
  • Packages

Be the leader on your market by representing hojozat Travel Station (ST-GATE)

  • GSA – General Sales Agent
  • PSA – Preferred Sales Agent

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